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Slave 1881 Finally available as a giclee on canvas

The HP 4670, rocks. 600 DPI, in seconds. Perfectly flat, no distance from the painting, means I can finally get good imaging of my paintings without the $300+ a pop imaging fee, which means savings to you.

I decided to take this one step further, because limited editions and all, though they appeal to some people – most just want a good wall hanging at a good price. And the added cost of having these shipped to me, so I can stretch them, sign them in paint, re-varnish them, print up certificates on hahnemuhle paper, stick holograms on them, etc… well… this is a bit of an experiment.

Not to say they *aren’t* somewhat limited, I mean, my life is finite… unless you both believe in quantum immortality and also believe that you and I will never part coils – in which case I guess you have forever.

But, whether you and I live forever, or otherwise – I anticipate I’ll probably sell about 20 to 50 of these, before I stop selling them, and you can be one of 20 to 50 owners – without all that cost and delay involved in limited editions.

You can buy  them here

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Slave 1881

John Strangeway, aka Steampunk Boba Fett hired me to create a more Victorian/Edwardian era craft for him in a painted portrait. This (below) is the result.

The original is 32×24 inches, painted in acrylic on canvas.

14×11 inch hand-signed giclees are here:×14-inch-giclee/

10×8 inch metallic prints are here:×8-inch-metallic/

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World Steam Expo Recap

Boba Fett has found me
Steampunk Boba Fett aims to collect his steam-bounty

I had a blast at the world steam Expo.

WSE was incredible – so many great bands, many more great people. I had no idea so many people already knew my work… and to add to the awesomeness of the event – I got to hang out with Captain Robert and Daniel of Abney Park, Lex Machina, Emmy, Bethalynne’s Nieces, and of course Bethalynne and after hours. A lot of good drinks were had, and many many good times. It was possibly the most incredible night of my life (so far).

I have put a very intensive review and recap HERE on my facebook fan page (no point in duplicating huge posts all across the net). It is open for anyone to read, you don’t even have to add me.

Also, for those who are here after meeting me at the convention, especially those from Michigan and from Grand Rapids – I really, really want to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to write me, add me, whatever it is that will allow us to keep in touch.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and for all the wonderful times.