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Goggley Stripey Elf – By Liz Amend

My sister in law Liz Amend makes these incredible fairy figures, and figures by her are always in rather high demand. This one, I just *had* to post here, as it has stripeys and goggles and a very cool nut-shell helmet. It is available here on Ebay.

Harden is an intrepid explorer and photographer and it looks like he is off on another adventure! He wears a little acorn cap (sculpted of polymer clay) and goggles. He has a tiny camera to capture all the amazing things he will see, maybe he might even see a human! Harden measures about 7 inches tall from his head to his toes, but will measure taller with his stand (not shown).

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They’re Not Just Ankle Biters Anymore

A school/pack of vicious, cross-bred Chihuahua and Piranha are unleashed upon a pristine Mountain Lake and quickly consume summer campers…

… Interesting

Chihuanhas Poster
Chihuanhas Poster

… Interesting.

They’ve latched onto my fear of tiny things and open water, but balanced it out with bikinis and human demise. Tough call, but I think I’ll keep an eye out for this one.

More concept art for this movie, location shots, and a brief synopsis can be found through Superpunch.

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Axel Brötje’s “Kiss of the Scorpion”

If I had a daughter, this would probably be her….

A wonderful short film about a delightfully dark girl on a train.

Short Film - Axel Brötje's terrific short film Kiss of the Scorpion
Short Film - Axel Brötje's terrific short film Kiss of the Scorpion

More wonderful and amazing things like these can be found through: Superpunch, the intarwebs’ premier supplier of awesome links.

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Gargantuan War Machines: Airborne Carriers and Giant Robots

Giant Gundam via <a href=

The 59-foot-tall Gundam in Tokyo is now finished, surely developed as a countermeasure against the China’s recent development of flying aircraft carriers such as those reportedly seen on google maps in a lake near Shanghai (below) and that reported in the China Military Report, best described by others as a ripoff of the Giant Helicarrier from SHIELD (second below).

Mysterious Aircraft carrier in lake seen near Shanghai
Mysterious Aircraft carrier in lake seen near Shanghai via The Register
Giant HeliCarrier as Illustrated within China Military Report
Giant HeliCarrier as Illustrated within China Military Report

Still, these are not as impressive or elegant as the airborne aircraft carriers of history, such as the USS Macon or her sister ship the USS Akron, which, sadly, crashed off the coast of New Jersey on April 4th 1933, killing 73 crew and passengers.

Macon over Manhattan
Macon over Manhattan
USS Macon mockup presented as web advertising for the National Geographic Special
USS Macon mockup presented as web advertising for the National Geographic Special: Flying Aircraft Carrier – Image copyright National Geographic Online.

The Wonder that was the USS Macon, and her demise, will be the subject of a special airing on National Geographic on Saturday August 1st at 3PM.

Additionally, a great picture of the Akron can be found <a href=””>here</a> at the Gatehouse

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Black and White

“The End”

A beautiful 6 minute film about a scarecrow (many more like this available at the distributors site:

I love how they put the projector together, because it is nice to see artists putting thought and creativity into every element.

One should not simply think of the elements within a work as building blocks within the work of art itself. Every stone, every wave, every cloud, every everyday thing offers an opportunity to imagine something new, and most importantly: to have fun with one’s creation…

This second video is by a band called “Doves”, and I am posting it because it has some stunning visuals of biplanes and zeppelins. The music, is something that neither stands out as fantastic or terrible, in my opinion. The video is worth watching either way…

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Tribute to Renown[ed] Artist Zdzislaw Beksinski

For those of you in the Orange County / Hollywood area anyway. I thought I’d post it all the same, especially since I wish I were there myself. Zdzislaw, was one of my favorite living artists until his passing, and is now simply one of my very favorite artists of all time.

click to enlarge

“In a tribute to renown Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski directors Wes Craven, Tobe Hooper, Stuart Gordon, William Malone, and Mick Garris invite you to join them in a discussion on, “The Filmmakers vision-how art can shape and enrich cinema”. There will be a question and answer session along with a screening of Parasomnia, William Malone’s macabre twist on the sleeping beauty legend..”

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See Coraline This Week

Beth and I saw it a few days ago, and plan to see it again this coming week; This, not just because we are both big Gaiman fans, but because it was an incredible experience.

This is not one of these films you can just wait to see at home, even if you are one of those people who really hates sharing the theater with children, and here is why:

I have yet to see a 3-d version of any of the recent 3-d movies released on DVD. Even if it happens, it would never be the same as seeing it larger than life on the big screen.

There is one chance to see it big and in 3D, and this is it.

Coraline is only likely to be available in 3-D for the next week or two (source: Neil Gaimain: 3d-or-not-3d).

And as for the children part… see it late if you wish, but I can tell you that hearing other people’s children scream in horror and freak out towards the end of the movie, is *almost* as awesome as I would imagine it to be to hear my own screaming in fear and freaking out towards the end of the movie.

Don’t have your own kids to frighten and spook? All the more reason to go and see it in theaters.

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Deviant Art Data

There are more from this series of Star Trek parodies on CoilHouse, which in case you live in a hole, is one of the more awesome magazines on the net or in print. [Link to the article]

This episode in particular outlines my general feelings regarding the sort of “artworks” that seem to pop up in most any google image search.

I think the above two paragraphs are warning enough, proceed if you dare.