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See Coraline This Week

Beth and I saw it a few days ago, and plan to see it again this coming week; This, not just because we are both big Gaiman fans, but because it was an incredible experience.

This is not one of these films you can just wait to see at home, even if you are one of those people who really hates sharing the theater with children, and here is why:

I have yet to see a 3-d version of any of the recent 3-d movies released on DVD. Even if it happens, it would never be the same as seeing it larger than life on the big screen.

There is one chance to see it big and in 3D, and this is it.

Coraline is only likely to be available in 3-D for the next week or two (source: Neil Gaimain: 3d-or-not-3d).

And as for the children part… see it late if you wish, but I can tell you that hearing other people’s children scream in horror and freak out towards the end of the movie, is *almost* as awesome as I would imagine it to be to hear my own screaming in fear and freaking out towards the end of the movie.

Don’t have your own kids to frighten and spook? All the more reason to go and see it in theaters.