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Smog is Awesome

Images from the World of Smog, via SuperPunch, wherein many more of the new figures from this utterly amazing and imaginative collection are featured HERE.

I’ve seen items from this collection many times in many art forums, and every time, I see something new and am beyond impressed.  I only hope they are not too hard to find once I am able to start collecting them.

Golem from World of Smog
Golem by Allan Carrasco
Shaking Shawn
Shaking Shawn by Thomas David
Kaine Finger
Kaine Finger by Allan Carrasco
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Goggley Stripey Elf – By Liz Amend

My sister in law Liz Amend makes these incredible fairy figures, and figures by her are always in rather high demand. This one, I just *had* to post here, as it has stripeys and goggles and a very cool nut-shell helmet. It is available here on Ebay.

Harden is an intrepid explorer and photographer and it looks like he is off on another adventure! He wears a little acorn cap (sculpted of polymer clay) and goggles. He has a tiny camera to capture all the amazing things he will see, maybe he might even see a human! Harden measures about 7 inches tall from his head to his toes, but will measure taller with his stand (not shown).