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Sneak Peek of the Mural from the Destination 1111 Show

Work in Progress - 30 foot wall mural by Bethalynne Bajema and Myke Amend
Work in Progress - 30 foot wall mural by Bethalynne Bajema and Myke Amend

Work in Progress - 30 foot wall mural by Bethalynne Bajema and Myke Amend
Work in Progress - 30 foot wall mural by Bethalynne Bajema and Myke Amend

Bethalynne and I set out to complete this mural by the end of Destination 1111. We painted till 1AM during the days leading up to the event; We also painted during the event all the way up to the event’s closing, but each of us got taken away from the project for carious things over the weekend more than expected – most of these distractions being pretty awesome ones. It was nearly complete when we left 1111, but tomorrow we’ll have to have it hauled home and finish it in the garage… it should be done this week.

So… anyone in need of over 30 feet of artwork for their home? … It *is* sectional (3 ten foot panels)…

Oh… I do a lot of gum chewing and mumbling in this film, as I had no idea there was a camera on me…

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BIIIG Painting

Me - Painting a big one
Me - Painting a big one

A whole mess of other photos HERE and HERE

This year for the Artprize competition (Grand Rapids Michigan), well, there is a whole lot of craziness in there- long story short, because of pencil pushers we are starting our painting at the start of ArtPrize (rather than having it done before artprize), and our other artwork is at One Girls Treasure on Lyon street, and our musical acts and sideshow acts are at the Bob… right next to the Steampig – our best co-contestant friends and favorite competitors.

This is the last part of our work, painting on the actual lot that is our venue -and it is HUGE!I have never painted this big before and it is a hell of a lot of fun were it not for the sunburn and the sore knees and back.

Here is the fun part though… forget I said anything about sunburn or sore backs- if you have the will to do so, YOU CAN BE A PART OF THIS!… yes… even if you do not trust yourself within five feet of a brush, you can fill a large area with a roller – and for those feeling their arty ability – there is plenty of room for that as well.

If you would like to help out, drop in at 530 Monroe avenue between the hours of 10:30 AM and 11PM, pick up a brush, let us know how confident you are, and we’ll make up some sort of shit for you do do… FREE OF CHARGE!

… or just drop in and say “hi”, by some t-shirts if you must (or buy them ONLINE)… but if you can, come down and see us and our painting – no matter the reason.

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Join the Circus

Some of you may already be aware of this, but this year I am participating in Grand Rapids’ Artprize competition along with Bethalynne Bajema, Ted Jauw, Kate Jauw, Bethany Greenier, John Hyatt, and Cassie Truskowski, with our combined work CirqueACirca.

We are putting together a work of art nearly the size of two football fields (a very ambitious project for a couple of artists with less than two nickles to rub together). This work will be a huge undertaking to say the least, and will include circus and sideshow performance art, among many many other things.

We hope that it will become a gathering point for steampunks and other like-minded individuals during the competition, in a joint effort with the SteamPig display and several other steampunk exhibits through the vast art competition (over 200,000 visitors last year). Our space will have a lot of room to rest your feet and hang out, and costumed up visitors add the the feel of the piece.

We hope that you will help out by being there September 25th (the main gathering date), or any date between September 22nd through October 10th.

If you would like to more actively participate and help out, there are *MANY* ways to do so – from helping us starving artists to starve a bit less, to easing the strain of gathering materials for this huge project (we hope to use as much recycled material as possible), to lending a physical hand on the build, or just getting the word out for us (because every person you know may know someone interested, or the people they know might know someone interested).

Please link to us in your blogs, facebook accounts, myspace, twitter, or otherwise… because popular makes popular these days, and the more people our message reaches, the greater we can make this event.

Cirque A Circa Poster by Bethalynne BajemaArtists: Those of you with a creative touch to help with painting and set up. It could be anything from plain flat painting to helping with the mural.

Roustabouts: Help during the event. Answer visitors questions, help with merchants/artists needs, etc.

Carnies: Merchants who share our vibe and intent may rent tents to sell wares.

Players: We need people to dress up in a steampunk or circus fashion and just walk around while adding to the vibe!

Buskers: Do you have a fun talent to share? Juggler, stilt-walker, etc.? We have a place for you in Buskers Alley.

Oddities: Do you have a very unusual art to share? We have a place for you to create and show off your talent.

Stowaways: The price for your passage is to help keep our ship clean! We will need people to keep an eye out for loose ties or malfunctions, pick up trash, make sure signage is still in place, etc.

Acts: Looking for acts willing to work with us to develop great shows and have an opportunity to show off your stuff.

And the rest: Did we fail to mention something? Let us know! There is a place for you in our circus!