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Skins Are Now Available through Uskins!

Skins are now available at Available at!

Below is a small sampling of skins available there. Right now I have over 22 images available for Laptops, Game Consoles, hand-held games, Cell Phones, Gaming controllers, Ipads, and more.

Go to to view the whole assortment, and check back often for new additions.

steampunk and gothic skins for laptops hand helds cell phones and more

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20 Free IPhone (or other smart phone) desktop wallpapers

I sat up tonight making this first wave of free skins for the iphone.. why? I don’t know… I don’t even have one. They do however seem to be popular, and hopefully even people without that specific phone can use these.

These images are free to use for your own personal non-commercial use on your own phone.

There is no rule that says you specifically *have* to use them on an iphone though, if you are able to use them for any other cell phone or smart phone, please feel free. You also have my permission to change them to bitmap, gif, png, or whatever format your phone takes.