The Antarctic Experiment 5 x 5 Mini Metallic Print



“All in all, the experiment was a brilliant success, though it ran for a shorter time than desired.

Ultimately, the machine had to be shut down prematurely, else we might not have had enough crew to make it comfortably back to port. Over forty Russian tribesmen bravely gave their lives to science this day – a terrible tragedy; They will surely be expensive to replace.

Also lost was an entire crate of ether, carelessly dropped from the edge of a berg in the midst of today’s activities – the most terrible happening of the entirety of our icy adventure.

Nevertheless, we saw many wondrous and splendid things this day: creatures and landscapes from the aether danced and swam about us through the air, and we saw the laws of our world temporarily suspended by those of the aether world.

It leaves me to wonder: How closely does the placement of their world correspond with ours? Are these same creatures to be found elsewhere on our planet, or would we perhaps find other inhabitants should the machine be tested in new locations?

What sorts of wondrous and unique beasts might we see in other locations? What splendid things might we discover in the aetherworlds of Beijing, Hong Kong, Indonesia, London, or perhaps New York City?

Needless to say, I am beyond eager to see!”

– Professor Aden M. Kemy, Miskatonic Archivist

These metallic prints are printed in Epson Ultra Chrome k3 archival inks on high-quality professional heavy-weight metallic stock. They are uv-sealed for a longevity of about 200+ years.

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Weight 3 oz