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Coming Changes, Features, and Additions

I recently did a new design for my girlfriend, Bethalynne Bajema at

She is still adding items to the store, but, like this site, most anyone who does not get their internet through a can and a piece of string can easily subscribe to rss feeds for posts, comments, and new products added.

I highly recommend going there and clicking that link, while it is fresh in your mind.

On that note, I am thinking it is time for me to swap this site out with something new; It will encourage me to get those parts of the site done which I have neglected over the past year – bios, portfolios, resumes, publishing lists and the sort.

And though most every art or creative entertainment site on the internet, especially those of my genre(s), are typically pretty dark in color schemes – I am thinking I might switch over to a lighter color scheme.

I get a lot of good input on this incarnation of site, and see a lot of people say a lot of good things, to me and to others; I do however know it is not perfect… nothing ever is.

There will always be that guy who accesses the net on an atari 2600 modified to run some obscure OS, using a browser that is “better than all the rest” because it chokes on everything, shaking his fist because 8 billion people on the internet aren’t writing code that is compatible… completely clueless as to which person in that equation is the fool.

I haven’t done the terribly bad things; I don’t use frames, iframes, and tables. I don’t make huge annoying flash-dependent mystery meat navigation websites where in order to navigate to the contact page, you have to slide gigeresque artifacts about, in search of the chicken with the shortest mustache and the biggest hat – who of course has the key to activate the proper animated page transition.

The latter, not because I don’t think it would be fun; I avoid this because I like modern things like rss feeds, and crazy things like people being able to find things without having to load a movie with an introduction, five intermissions, a featurette,and credits – just to make a simple purchase.

The size however, is a problem. I kept it at 800 wide for as long as I could, for those people who were ten years behind the rest of the internet and still using such low resolutions. The problem is, it restricts me from showing images inline at larger sizes. I need to use thickbox for that… Those 5% of the internet who are unaware that the internet now uses a lot of java, especially with the advent of AJAX, are simply directed to the image itself. I’ll probably continue to use thickbox, but will need to use it for a lot less things.

I also feel the lighter color schemes will better showcase my upcoming artwork.

These changes are things I have been considering for a while, which have been blocked by my accursed popularity over the past year or so. The changes are not for the sake of “Mr. Lonely Mcwhimperpants”, an anonymous someone who I imagine has nothing better to do than to repeatedly write me to voice his dislike for my site, though he apparently has no idea what he does not like. He only knows that the mere thought of my site not being designed specifically for him, makes him curl up in a fetal position and wet his official Justin Timberlaketm panties whenever he compulsively visits it… time and time again.

I will actually have to find some way to switch to a lighter scheme, while still using colors that traumatize his fragile mind as easily as those colors I currently use; It would be wrong of me to take away his futile attempts at getting the internet to conform to whatever he likes to pretend is a browser, because everyone needs *some* reason to live – even those who probably shouldn’t.

Stay tuned, don’t close that browser! The new artwork for Vernian Process will be released in Late January. The new children’s book should have a preview up by February.

There will be a lot of art in between as well, some new assemblages, and of course I will continue to point you towards weird, insane, dumb, and interesting things whenever I am goofing off.

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Beth is away in Michigan taking care of some cats that needed her.

I’ve been working 24 hour shifts between the comic and for-pay work, napping out for 5 hours at a time, and planting myself back here again. I felt too tired to work today, BrassGoggles forum is still down, and everything else seems rather dead – I spent part of today putting together a preview over at Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake, otherwise I have refreshed pages and email all day.

There are better paths in life to take than being an artist type. It has been years since I have been a part of the real world, always hidden away with my face planted in a canvas, or this screen; ‘always something that must be done; ‘always one more project to go before I let myself rest.

This video, beautiful as it is, pretty much meshes with my current mood. I guess I am feeling a bit down and discouraged today; It will pass.

Taken from Porphyre’s LJ, a music video for Little Dragon’s “Twice”:

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SGWBM Comic Book ETA

Originally, I had planned to do this comic in straight black and white only (line art). It being primarily a comedy comic book, this seemed to be the going standard, and would make up for a lot of lost time.

I was also afraid that if I made the artwork too nice, it would distract from the comedic content of the comic; I’ve found that the books that I find the funniest, have plain black and white art, and it is all terribly drawn – I even tend to think that the horrible art contributes well to the comedy.

I would note that influence here, however, I do not think using the term “horrible art” with someone else’s name would be very wise in the legal sense.

Inversely, Roman Dirge’s Lenore, a fantastic piece of comedy is shaded and often colored, as is Eric AdamsLackluster World – a wonderful comedic drama. 

So, I decided to shade a page or two, and after seeing them, I’ve decided to do the whole book. It makes one hell of a difference, too much of one for me to not do it or to only partially do it.

I am currently shading at a rate of about 2-3 pages per day, and currently just shy of page 14 (the end point for my preview). If I keep working at this rate taking one day per week to do other things, I should have the entire thing ready for the press by the 24th, just a week shy of my absolute latest acceptable date, meaning I can start shipping just before Halloween.

When the preview goes up, presale will be available, though my first focus is getting copies out to all those people who took a part in my last promotional offer.

Look for a preview to be available in the next two days, I will post details here, or you can bookmark or (shorter) (You can also add me on livejournal or on myspace).

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Buy Your Place on the Silver Screen?

… in the credits at least – still, something well worth 2 dollars, or one pound… of… I suppose a pound of anything would do, as there are no specifications – but $2 is probably much, much cheaper to send than brass weights or stone wheels, and much more precise.

I saw Pirates of the Great Salt Lake do this the year before last – and had I the $500 right then, I would have bought myself one of the Executive Fan Club Producer Spots (where they also read your name aloud at some point during the movie).

Actually, this Pirate’s campaign is actually where I got the idea last month to put out that promotion for getting your name in the credits to my comic book (buy merchandise = get in credits).

Now, several kids from someplace that measures money in pounds, rather than monetary units, are planning on making a Jule’s Verne inspired movie based on Jule’s Verne’s “Clovis Dardentor”, a lesser-known work about travels, adventure, wealthy industrialists, and con artists.

You can buy a credit in this film here – proceeds going into the actual making of the movie. 

It seems they have managed a bit of work already (you can see their progress via their “News” page).

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Coming Soon

Here are some brief details about things to come, and a even a handful of things that were.

Artworks as Prints, Old and New:

Old: I have found some art I thought forever lost. I have also remastered some older works to print more boldly and brightly, and have taken to refining some of my older digital works. Some of these are things I’ve previously sold open edition prints of – about one to ten total for each of these, making those older versions incredibly unique – though their existence undocumented except for here in this entry and previous posts about them. For the newer remastered versions, I plan on making some limited editions out of them – on fine art paper, with signatures, and certificates.


In September, I am slated to share pages with Bethalynne Bajema, Brom (wow!), and other fantastic “gothic artists” who are not Brom (wow!), in an art compilation book. When published, I will have links to that book from this site. I am unsure what details I can disclose at this point, but cannot wait to talk about it.

My comic book, “Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake” is currently in the pre-press stages, and on its way to print. Release date is mid to late September, just in time for Halloween. I have worked on and dropped this project many times over the past years, beginning anew each and every time I picked it back up… meaning I have been talking about it forever, ad nauseum. Be relieved, very relieved, that I will soon be talking about its release in present and past-tense.

My spooky, crazy weird children’s book, which will probably plant a lot of bad ideas, and therefore should not be read by, to, or around children – that will be out by the end of 2008. At which time family-oriented groups will protest outside of somewhere, in celebration of this great work. Previews will be here when I go to press.

Also, I am working out the details on illustrations for two novels: one horror and one fantasy, which will likely be done under the same general agreement.

In October, Bethalynne will be gracing the pages in another wonderful art compilation by Goth Magazine, it is a Steampunk Compilation featuring over 100 amazing artists from this genre.

“Goth Magazine is producing a full-color oversized bound book of steampunk fashion, gadgetry and artwork.  Featuring the costuming of Enigma Fashions, Heavy Red Clothing, and editorials by Derek Caballero, actor Crispin Glover and more than 100 more artists, this will be the largest collection of steampunk imagery in one book…” 

“…It will be available via GOTH Magazine, Barnes and Boble, Walden Books, Borders Books and retailers worldwide.”

I am not quite sure yet whether I will be on time to catch this boat, but go Beth!


Bethalynne Bajema and I will be jointly creating a new piece of artwork for another great Steam Punk icon, their name to be disclosed at a later date. All I can say is that I am thrilled to be working on this new piece, and will be doubly thrilled to see it released in a few months. Available here will be fine art prints and limited editions (95 giclees on canvas, 195 metallics, and 395 giclees on art paper) .  “Branded versions” (versions with the band’s logo) will likely be available as poster prints, Cds, t-shirts, desktop graphics, screen savers and/or other things through the band’s site come October.


Long, long ago, my coming was told in a rather non-flattering series of images crudely carved into stone with poorly engineered tools. The perpetrator, being human, is by now surely dead, and it serves him right.


“Quench” by Zack Parker, is soon to be released everywhere on DVD October 28th, 2008 by Vanguard Cinema.

My artwork makes a good number of cameos in this piece, as many of my paintings make a personal appearance set design and props in this renowned, dark spooky, Modern Gothic Tragedy. If you are interested in pre-ordering a DVD, you can do so at Amazon for only $17.99

Diary of the Dead – I watched it last week, I didn’t like it, for many reasons. I disliked it so much, that I erased from my mind that I had even seen or rented it – and now I owe late fees, which I should bill to George Romero accompanied by a request for a refund on my $3.99 rental fee, and a bill for the time I spent hoping it would get better.


I am not on Wikipedia. In order to do so, I would probably have to do something incredibly important for humanity – like hitting myself in the balls on camera, being obese on camera, getting killed by a squirrel, stapling things to my butt, or begging the public to leave some famous celebrity alone. I will likely be doing all of the above soon, and in that order.

Stay Tuned!

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My Ever-Changing Store

You might notice some changes here over the next few days; You may even notice some of these happening as you navigate, depending on where you are.

I am working from the advice of colleagues, and from visitors, as well as my own observations – making little changes here or there for ease of use – from button colors, to re-organizing the store, to putting up better images of some of the older items that are available, and changing the ordering of those images.

I am even re-designing a lot of the older prints, and of course their thumbnails, as the graphics I put up for them were from when I had a super-insanely bright monitor, and the print designs themselves were too much like posters and not befitting the quality stock, inks, and finishes involved in making them. More on this in the next posting.

I have been meaning to change a lot of these things for a long time – and now that I have all this traffic, well I feel like I was caught with my pants down… except that that wouldn’t be embarrassing. This, however, is.

I am also going to start using this site more often, brush the dust off of it, and try to use it as my primary blog. Hopefully what you will see here over the next few months, will be more than announcements of sale items (but you will probably see those too).

I will probably also make some announcements here or there relating to the Miskatonic Archive: A Strange Fiction and Horror related site that Beth, Myself, and a few others do for fun.

I also plan to, once my comic book is off the presses, begin doing doodles and web-comic strips here as well. I am not yet sure if I am going to mirror those over at Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake, as I might opt to keep that site print content only to make it less confusing.

Now that I am done making this announcement about less announcements – I am off to make one more announcement.

Thank you for reading.

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A Thank You, and Special Offer

For those of you who visit regularly, or irregularly, or are subscribed to my rss feed, I’d like to apologize for being so scarce here, and explain what I’ve been up to.

There is a chance within this posting for you to score some free stuff, and you need not promote me, get votes, or any of that silly nonsense – more on this later.

In September, a book will be coming out – a collection of dark artists – myself, Bethalynne Bajema, Brom, and others are included. I can’t give any more details on that yet.

In October, a Movie called “Quench” will finally be released. You can view the trailer [here]. Note that in the trailer you can see at least five of my paintings in various scenes. They have a rather significant part in the movie I hear (Some of these paintings have not yet sold, and are available through my store).

In Late August/Early September, I will have my promotion in place and be ready to ship my new comic book, “Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake“, hopefully.

This comic book just may cause my extended family to change their last name, or perhaps change mine – but from what I have heard, it is quite funny – though anything but the sort of intelligent humor some would expect from me. It is a dark comedy, with lots of death, gore, bad language, spooky stuff, chickens, and everything else needed to merit being hidden behind the counter at your local comic store.

Long story short: Car trouble. I could use some sort of financing – and since I have no breasts to offer peeks at, I would really appreciate (in compensation) some more sales through here, Through Etta Diem’s Etsy shoppe, or through the Miskatonic Archive.

How much would I appreciate sales? Well, the first twenty purchasers spending $30 or more either here or at the archive, or at the Etta Diem Etsy store will be put on a list. All you have to do is mention in your payment details that you’ve read this blog, or say that you would like to be added.

People on that aforementioned list will receive a special hand-signed, hand embellished, hand-doodled upon printing of this comic book. Yes, I will hand -decorate the cover, doodle some things on the inside cover, and sign it to you.

This offer ends when I have reached twenty such sales, or when the book goes to typesetting, whichever comes first. In which case I will post here that this offer has ended. Anyone who has purchased before I make that post, will also reap the same rewards as the twenty anticipated takers.

Though I would prefer this offer be made only to people who actually visit my site – You are welcome to share details of this offer with others – because I cannot stop you from doing so.

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*gasp* an update!

Anymore, it seems my life can be summed up by a ‘to do list’, which I suppose is much better than the past decades where I could have used a ‘not to do list’ to work by.

Once in a while, I think to myself that I must have been more interesting as an insane person, and possibly even more likeable for some bizarre reason… but that thought is whimsical, fleeting at best – not because I think it is without merit, simply because I would much rather be the self who is typing this rather mundane entry, than any alternative. 

This is about as far as I am going to go in expanding upon that thought – because it likely sounds a lot like “blah blah blah me”… which I guess is a symptom of journaling in general…


I’ll be in Chicago next week – June 26th through 30th – at the Wizard World Chicago convention.

I am not quite sure, but I am mostly confident that there will be people in robes, turning things and people into chickens, which means it should be pretty exciting. I will however be very wary of anyone wearing a robe.

Aside from this, Bethalynne Bajema and I will have a table, and we will be selling things and signing things as if we were celebrities or something. I will not be showing my new comic book to anyone but co-conspirators, but I will be returning home ready to print … meaning I should probably find a quick and cheap way to make some sort of promotional whatsits with a release date on it… though I would always rather be doing than promoting things done… hence my lack of content here…

The last days, the next days…

I spent the 5 hours a day for two days and the last 22 hours programming and tweaking some super cool thing so I could get paid… only to find that there was a mixup and I was not supposed to start on it yet. Not that the job wasn’t approved… I will see my monies eventually… but the payment I was anticipating is not the instant reward I was anticipating in those hours I feverishly worked to get it done. I am kicking myself for not concentrating on other pressing things *hint* *hint*  I could really use some people buying some stuff to make up for my miscalculations.

Also hopefully be going to Salem to see those other printers and get that Abney Park painting back so I can ship it off to them.

This also means I will be able to offer prints of that piece soon (below).

It is called “The Rescue” and incorporates Vernian overtones with a lovecraftian feel, slight peril to keep it interesting but not too busy, the HMS Ophelia (Abney Park’s Airship), a somewhat Nautilus-like submarine, and of course Tentacles – otherwise the elders would never grant their seal of approval. I hate to say it is “steampunk” because the intention of the piece is to illustrate a story, and to make art – timeless art. I’d hate for it to only be seen for that, as much as it does apply.

If you would like to buy a 32 x 22 inch giclee on canvas at a very limited time presale price, I am selling two for $165 a piece plus S&H.

They will be Shipped between July 3rd and July 7th.

One is for sale here, the other here

The Rescue by Myke Amend for Abney Park

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Pirates of the Great Salt Lake

On September 19th, better known as “Talk Like A Pirate Day”, “Pirates of the Great Salt Lake”, a movie I have long been dying to see, held free screenings in five or more US cities. Unfortunately these screenings were nowhere near me, but I now have some added encouragement that the movie will be more accessible soon. Updates on their progress can be received through their myspace page.

Since I haven’t actually seen the movie, I can only tell you that the trailer makes me want to see it, pretty badly. The trailer is behind the cut, at the bottom of this post, or you can click the graphic below to see the trailer on their site in “Small, Medium, Large, or Pirate Sized”

Pirates of the Great Salt Lake


Continue reading Pirates of the Great Salt Lake