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My Ever-Changing Store

You might notice some changes here over the next few days; You may even notice some of these happening as you navigate, depending on where you are.

I am working from the advice of colleagues, and from visitors, as well as my own observations – making little changes here or there for ease of use – from button colors, to re-organizing the store, to putting up better images of some of the older items that are available, and changing the ordering of those images.

I am even re-designing a lot of the older prints, and of course their thumbnails, as the graphics I put up for them were from when I had a super-insanely bright monitor, and the print designs themselves were too much like posters and not befitting the quality stock, inks, and finishes involved in making them. More on this in the next posting.

I have been meaning to change a lot of these things for a long time – and now that I have all this traffic, well I feel like I was caught with my pants down… except that that wouldn’t be embarrassing. This, however, is.

I am also going to start using this site more often, brush the dust off of it, and try to use it as my primary blog. Hopefully what you will see here over the next few months, will be more than announcements of sale items (but you will probably see those too).

I will probably also make some announcements here or there relating to the Miskatonic Archive: A Strange Fiction and Horror related site that Beth, Myself, and a few others do for fun.

I also plan to, once my comic book is off the presses, begin doing doodles and web-comic strips here as well. I am not yet sure if I am going to mirror those over at Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake, as I might opt to keep that site print content only to make it less confusing.

Now that I am done making this announcement about less announcements – I am off to make one more announcement.

Thank you for reading.