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Where the Wild Roses Grow

It has always secretly bothered me when there is a print that never sells or an art post that sees little action, because I have this piece of art I absolutely love, and what I love or think is good, is simply not good enough.

Then down the line, sure enough I look at it again and see that it was not quite executed to its full potential, or presented properly, and I go back and rework it. Such was my labor for the day.

What happens with a lot of my digital work prints, since I can go back and edit them time and time again, is that people often end up with prints where there are only one or two like it in existence – which I suppose is a good thing. Just once I would like to do something and know that I am not going to dislike it or need to improve upon it a few weeks later… but such is the way art goes.

I completely reworked most everything, and have added this one to the miskatonic archive print store.

where the wild roses grow remastered

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New sites, and new art

I have been working on getting my stuff together for coming conventions. I have however managed a new piece of art or two in this time, and have managed to design and redesign a few sites ( being the very next).

Since my site will shortly be replaced with the new one, and since the Miskatonic Archive is a labor of love at this point in time, I am adding the new piece of artwork there first.

Why? because that store has all the options set up for you to order easily in all formats from tiny cards, to huge posters, standard prints, extra special metallic prints, puzzles, magnets and more… all sorted neatly by the particular piece of artwork… and much much easier than shopping right here.

The below new artwork, titled “Conception”, will be a Miskatonic Archive exclusive for the next month or so. I will only add it here when this site is redone. Click the image below to visit the Miskatonic Archive. You will find this new piece of artwork (along with a bigger view of it) in their store.

visit the miskatonic archive

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Tin Man

Yesterday, when I entered the lab. This image was flickering within the holo-tubes of our computing machine. Much like the others, it bears the seal of Myke Amend.We have not yet decoded its meaning, but that will not stop us from issuing reproductions… because, as you know, we need to replace the bathing wing of the gymnasium, due to what we would like to call “a very localized storm”.

– Ken Emmady, Miskatonic Archive

This print is available in heavy-weight luster finish archival prints, or in metallic heavy-weight luster finish archival prints.. yep.. metallic.

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I just finished this piece tonight, and am glad to finally be able to show it. It is sort of steampunk / neo-victorian, sort of gothic, a bit of fantasy, a bit of science fiction, and a bit of horror, all mixed up into one.

My main goal here was to make an image that one could look at every day for a long time and always find something new, as well as to both hone and exhibit my digital painting skill.

The piece is 20 inches by 16 at 300 DPI, and highly, highly detailed down to hundredths of an inch in some places. In order to see all the detail, you would really need to buy the print, but I will try to show you some of the detail in the images below.

The 252 piece puzzle is over 10 x 13 inches, and is now available in my store.

The fine-art print is available in my store as a giclee (paint printed onto stretched canvas), and standard print on high-quality high whitepoint heavyweight archival paper in archival inks with a luster finish.

steampunk artwork  gothic artwork

full view image (this is how the giclee looks)

steampunk artwork  gothic artwork

closeup of one of the mechs

steampunk artwork  gothic artwork

water dripping from mech island, whales falling into the waves

steampunk artwork  gothic artwork

closer view of two of the mecha

steampunk artwork  gothic artwork

closer view of the central figure – her clothing, her tools, her goggles, and her mechanics

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Up for sale on Ebay

Original painting by Myke Amend – self portrait in the form of Neil Gaiman’s and DC/Vertigo Comics’ “Destiny” from the Sandman series.


This work was inspired by my leaving the city I had lived most of my life in, the deaths and departures of the only other remaining members of our original crowd, and the closing of my club night: Necropolis. A post-Wake Destiny was the icon or character I identified most with during that period in time, and took root in my last Cincinnati painting.

The lanterns hang upside down becoming jelly-fish like creatures, their chains stretching into nowhere, and the columns are picking up root and walking following closely behind.

It ships with a handful of mini-prints of some of my other works and a handwritten and handsigned thank you note on the back of one of said prints (archival inks, heavy photographic stock, luster finish either 6×4 or 5×4 depending on the piece).

I have a buyer agreement for this item – mostly just says you cannot alter or destroy this painting, and need to let me know if you sell it or give it to someone else (so I can know where it is). This painting will be shipped when the painting is paid for *and* when the buyer agreement is faxed to me (or you can send it to me by mail).

If you would like to read said agreement – it is here:


Artwork painted in oil on tempered hardboard.

Unframed, and not necessarily in need of framing, but would look its best in a small shadowbox.

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Uxia from “Dagon” against an ocean backdrop – done in Mucha’s design style, Dore’s shading style – with lots of hidden and semi-hidden elements – Gigeresque and tiki creatures in the bubbles, skulls and faces in the waves of the sea, a field of eyes as a backdrop for the central figure, and a pretty striped seasnake to round the graphic out and to add some Burton flair.

I did this piece because I wanted to draw a mermaid, but in a different style and theme from the pretty colorful fairy-like ones typically offered on Ebay, and I wanted to do so with a mix of styles from some of my favorite artists.

Print Specs: Printed 16×20 on archival-quality heavy photostock in archival inks, with a luster finish for added protection and sheen.

Artwork by Myke Amend (me)

All prints will be hand signed in silver acid-free ink, unless you request otherwise (you can also ask for prints to be signed to you or to a friend)

ALSO INCLUDED: I always throw in something extra with orders, typically some nice hard-cased refrigerator magnets, mini-prints of my works, etc…


The original Artwork was engraved on archival Scratchbord (white clay and india ink on archival tempered hardboard) for its copperplate/itaglio look and feel.

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Available on Ebay

In getting ready to do another engraving piece, getting my hand back, I went and made this:

The piece is an engraving on archival claybord, gilded with stars made of gold leaf – backed by tempered hardboard, no frame is really necessary though it would look pretty nice in a small to medium sized shadowbox

It isn’t going to be in any exhibit or show… no major planning involved – just something done for fun.

I started it out at $17 (and roughly 7 s&H in the US), and though I don’t expect it will sell for near the the “buy now” of $125, I put a buy now on there mostly just in case anyone wanted to make sure they landed it.

Listing is here: Ebay Listing

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I made this new addition last night, no idea what was on my mind, I just wanted to make something and didn’t feel like just drawing. What came out of my noggin, was a halloween-themed commentary on westernization.

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New Artwork. Fatalysia Cover

Fatalysia Promo Poster

Fatalysia is a great new comic from Liam Kemp and Chris Tabor about a girl, and a scarecrow. That is all I am going to give away about the premise, but I have issue 1 in my hands, and anxiously await issue 2 (especially since they were so kind as to have me do the cover).

The Comic Book cover will have their logo displayed more prominently, their publishers logo, all that jazz, layout by Chris Tabor, but this particular image is of the related art print poster, currently available in my store. Most likely, when the comic goes to print, I will be offering poster and comic packages because I would like to see them sell a lot of comics.

Legal stuff: Poster for the second edition of “Fatalysia”, Artwork by Myke Amend. The Fatalysia logo and all associated concepts and images are trademarks of and copyright 2007 Liam Kemp, Chris Tabor, and U! All rights reserved.