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I just finished this piece tonight, and am glad to finally be able to show it. It is sort of steampunk / neo-victorian, sort of gothic, a bit of fantasy, a bit of science fiction, and a bit of horror, all mixed up into one.

My main goal here was to make an image that one could look at every day for a long time and always find something new, as well as to both hone and exhibit my digital painting skill.

The piece is 20 inches by 16 at 300 DPI, and highly, highly detailed down to hundredths of an inch in some places. In order to see all the detail, you would really need to buy the print, but I will try to show you some of the detail in the images below.

The 252 piece puzzle is over 10 x 13 inches, and is now available in my store.

The fine-art print is available in my store as a giclee (paint printed onto stretched canvas), and standard print on high-quality high whitepoint heavyweight archival paper in archival inks with a luster finish.

steampunk artwork  gothic artwork

full view image (this is how the giclee looks)

steampunk artwork  gothic artwork

closeup of one of the mechs

steampunk artwork  gothic artwork

water dripping from mech island, whales falling into the waves

steampunk artwork  gothic artwork

closer view of two of the mecha

steampunk artwork  gothic artwork

closer view of the central figure – her clothing, her tools, her goggles, and her mechanics