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New sites, and new art

I have been working on getting my stuff together for coming conventions. I have however managed a new piece of art or two in this time, and have managed to design and redesign a few sites ( being the very next).

Since my site will shortly be replaced with the new one, and since the Miskatonic Archive is a labor of love at this point in time, I am adding the new piece of artwork there first.

Why? because that store has all the options set up for you to order easily in all formats from tiny cards, to huge posters, standard prints, extra special metallic prints, puzzles, magnets and more… all sorted neatly by the particular piece of artwork… and much much easier than shopping right here.

The below new artwork, titled “Conception”, will be a Miskatonic Archive exclusive for the next month or so. I will only add it here when this site is redone. Click the image below to visit the Miskatonic Archive. You will find this new piece of artwork (along with a bigger view of it) in their store.

visit the miskatonic archive