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Where the Wild Roses Grow

It has always secretly bothered me when there is a print that never sells or an art post that sees little action, because I have this piece of art I absolutely love, and what I love or think is good, is simply not good enough.

Then down the line, sure enough I look at it again and see that it was not quite executed to its full potential, or presented properly, and I go back and rework it. Such was my labor for the day.

What happens with a lot of my digital work prints, since I can go back and edit them time and time again, is that people often end up with prints where there are only one or two like it in existence – which I suppose is a good thing. Just once I would like to do something and know that I am not going to dislike it or need to improve upon it a few weeks later… but such is the way art goes.

I completely reworked most everything, and have added this one to the miskatonic archive print store.

where the wild roses grow remastered

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