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Uxia from “Dagon” against an ocean backdrop – done in Mucha’s design style, Dore’s shading style – with lots of hidden and semi-hidden elements – Gigeresque and tiki creatures in the bubbles, skulls and faces in the waves of the sea, a field of eyes as a backdrop for the central figure, and a pretty striped seasnake to round the graphic out and to add some Burton flair.

I did this piece because I wanted to draw a mermaid, but in a different style and theme from the pretty colorful fairy-like ones typically offered on Ebay, and I wanted to do so with a mix of styles from some of my favorite artists.

Print Specs: Printed 16×20 on archival-quality heavy photostock in archival inks, with a luster finish for added protection and sheen.

Artwork by Myke Amend (me)

All prints will be hand signed in silver acid-free ink, unless you request otherwise (you can also ask for prints to be signed to you or to a friend)

ALSO INCLUDED: I always throw in something extra with orders, typically some nice hard-cased refrigerator magnets, mini-prints of my works, etc…


The original Artwork was engraved on archival Scratchbord (white clay and india ink on archival tempered hardboard) for its copperplate/itaglio look and feel.