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Up for sale on Ebay

Original painting by Myke Amend – self portrait in the form of Neil Gaiman’s and DC/Vertigo Comics’ “Destiny” from the Sandman series.


This work was inspired by my leaving the city I had lived most of my life in, the deaths and departures of the only other remaining members of our original crowd, and the closing of my club night: Necropolis. A post-Wake Destiny was the icon or character I identified most with during that period in time, and took root in my last Cincinnati painting.

The lanterns hang upside down becoming jelly-fish like creatures, their chains stretching into nowhere, and the columns are picking up root and walking following closely behind.

It ships with a handful of mini-prints of some of my other works and a handwritten and handsigned thank you note on the back of one of said prints (archival inks, heavy photographic stock, luster finish either 6×4 or 5×4 depending on the piece).

I have a buyer agreement for this item – mostly just says you cannot alter or destroy this painting, and need to let me know if you sell it or give it to someone else (so I can know where it is). This painting will be shipped when the painting is paid for *and* when the buyer agreement is faxed to me (or you can send it to me by mail).

If you would like to read said agreement – it is here:


Artwork painted in oil on tempered hardboard.

Unframed, and not necessarily in need of framing, but would look its best in a small shadowbox.