Red Queen 6×4 Open Edition Metallic Airship Print



When Elizabeth turned her eyes to the light, she froze solid and still, like a wild doe caught in the high beams of an oncoming car.

It was then that she began to wail, in a terrifying and unearthly tone; And it was then I realized that the sirens ringing loudly throughout the valley were not sirens at all, but the sound of other fleeing humans, their spirits trapped by the seeking lanterns of the floating leviathans above.

Cloaked figures with ashen faces, bathed in crimson, floated through the surrounding brush, guided by the eerie signals of their human prey. I could barely summon the courage to whisper “I”m sorry”, gazing horrified and heartbroken into Elizabeth”s tear-filled eyes as I silently mouthed my regret, then ran stumbling into the darkness.

“The Red Queen” was painted in finger-painting, hand spatters, sponges, fast brush strokes, flung paint, toothbrushes, and most anything else handy, including feathers …but not the chicken.

The original painting is 48 x 24 inches in acrylic on birch