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“The Rescue” Discount Ends Monday the 18th

The Rescue - Painted by Myke Amend for Robert Brown of Abney Park in June 2006
The Rescue - Painted by Myke Amend for Robert Brown of Abney Park in June 2006

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The ($255) special-priced editions at Etsy ( have run out… within minutes of posting about it actually. The price will remain at $265 here, on Etsy, and the Miskatonic Archive through Monday, August the 18th before bumping it up to something more sane, simply for the sake of giving fair warning.

The 24x36s ($89 – only 10 left) will also be ending on Monday August the 18th. This shop has run out of them, but there are 6 left at The Miskatonic Archive. They are absolutely beautiful in metallic sheen BTW, and I really wish I had not limited these to twenty (especially since I want one for myself).

The cost in time and money involved in just packaging and handling the giclees is high, and all of these are selling so quickly that I am working very long days just to catch up on shipping and at the same time keep up with my clients’ needs.

In retrospect, I see limiting them to 50 or 20 just caused a bit of a frenzy, and put a serious amount of work on my table. There really is no way to unlimit an edition, or to move the quantities up – but for future artworks, I will limit my editions to 295, or 195, or 95 – and not 50 or 20.

The open editions, are made primarily for this reason, so that people can have nice sized versions of this artwork cheaply and without the time/money expense of certificates and such. Though still a nice size, they are smaller than the limiteds and uncertified, so as not to devalue the limited editions. They still dress up a wall, entry table, book case, cabin, or galley quite nicely.

But… They are not necessarily guaranteed to remain in print, as Abney Park has been so incredibly good to me and good for me that I do not want to make too much of my living off their icon – “The HMS Ophelia”.  I may eventually opt to bring AP Logoed posters instead, for easier storage, travel, shipping, and packaging – and so that while on the road, I can better promote Abney Park (who in case you haven’t guessed – are one of my favorite bands).

I will have other new artworks up soon, and will be working on promoting those. One in particular for another favorite band, yet to be disclosed.

Web preview of the comic is next on the plate.

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