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Wakey Wakey

It is almost 4AM – and it has been one whirlwind of a month.

Beth is out on family business, and after handling her side of the shipping for less than a week, I have decided that I should really give her a serious raise. The way she packages things, and the speed at which she does it, is nothing short of amazing.

I however, am in a room piled with prints in chairs and even more across the bed I am not using. There is cardboard everywhere, and probably a bit of blood and assorted body parts from that taping accident. I am afraid that when I do go to sleep or sit down, it is then that I will probably find the scissors and my exacto knife.

I think I may have accidentally shipped a cat, though I’ll never admit to it. I am sorry, she is yours now – and I do not know what you are talking about.

I have been working 18 hours a day without break for a while now. Offers are coming in from all over the place to do this or that, and I am shipping like crazy. I have been bouncing between correspondence, shipping, ordering, screaming at people on the phone, threatening to invade neighboring countries, waving shoes at people, and doing my regular ad design and web programming work… while dying for a chance to send the comic book off to the printers and finish my children’s book.

I am however taking time here or there for a happy dance. It is nice to sell things, not so much for the money – I don’t mark things up much, but because of the happiness of being salable.. saleable.. sale-able… all selly and stuff.

My colleagues are saying I am pricing my prints too cheaply, and they just may be right. It does not seem like I can keep any on hand this week… well, on hand and unordered anyway. This sale might end soon.

The ordered things are piling up… at least as far as the limited editions are concerned.

Currently, I am waiting on my certificates of authenticity to arrive – they should be here later today. I’d tell you the hell I went through for that, but that would be a book.

In the mean time, I am pre-packing everything, labeling everything, hand-embellishing a few giclees, and printing shipping lists and postage. Open edition prints are going out as they are ordered – limited editions will be catching up with the arrival of those certificates.

Today will be likely spent applying holograms, filling out certificates, registering those certificates, and making the post man really, really hate me.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for your purchases. And most of all thank you for your patience. The great hologram certificate shortage of 2008 is finally over – back to … things.