The Temple 7×5 Open Edition



When the last of the royal fleet fell fiery into the waiting fog and mist, we were sure we were home free; It was then that we spotted the temple, which was not fashioned, but formed in molten fire of shimmering basalt. There it stood, millennia-old, perched atop hexagonal pillars, calling to be explored.

A finely detailed pirate airship in a fog of wispy swirls and whorls passes by a ages-forgotten temple in the cliff-top mists.

The original is 12×9 inches, highly detailed, micro-fine line engraving; Though it translates well to screen resolution, looking at the prints or the original are an entirely new experience.

The Metallics are open edition and printed on heavy archival professional metallic photographic paper.

“Open Edition” is not a guarantee that I will carry them forever, or even for years – but simply stating that they are available, for as long as I choose to offer them. Though not limited and signed, they are beautiful prints – and like everything I sell, very high quality, and 80 to 200 years archival (depending on uv exposure).

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Weight 1 oz