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Kimba’s Cave

Kimba’s Cave – a Saturday Morning show featuring Kimba (Bassist and Backup vocals for re-formed Batcave legends Specimen), is perhaps exactly what one would expect when goth/glam royalty makes a Saturday morning kids show – silly, fun, bizarre, with a hint (or more) of spooky, and maybe a bit of scary.

I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for this show to air, and think it would probably be good to have kids before said time.

… On that thought: I have a butcher knife, and a theory that I am probably not a member of the Planariidae family… we’ll see how that goes, but it looks like I might get a chance at an advanced screening regardless, in which case I will have more to tell you about this series.

The official trailer is available on Kimba’s Cave’s myspace profile, the below clip is a short teaser featuring the opening song for the show:

4 thoughts on “Kimba’s Cave

  1. I finally got the chance to read your MySpace blog about your new design and stuff and I just wanted to let you know that I love it. :) It’s a shame you left LJ because I read blogs on there much more frequently than on MySpace…

    I just wanted to drop in… Cheers!

    1. Well thank you very much for dropping in. Sorry about the LJ thingy, but it was bugging me a bit.

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