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Lackluster World – by Eric Adams

Lackluster World Comic Book

The story centers around Farenheit Monohan, a revolutionary and free-willed journalist whose creativity and journalistic prowess are confined and bound by his employment, and by a world unwilling to hear, read, or know anything other than the neatly packaged and polished corporate drivel which he is forced to deliver day after day as ‘news’.

Farenheit’s primary antagonist is his brother Kelvin, is a lunatic, and a religious fanatic hell-bent on Farenheit’s conversion by any (often insane) means.

Kelvin’s most devout follower, is their slow-witted sister “Celsius”, who often unwittingly aids Kelvin to wreak havoc on Farenheit’s life (and sanity), in the name of good intentions and love.

Other characters include Farenheit’s cat, Mr. Mittens, adding comedic moments and cuteness to the pages, and Farenheit’s co-worker Herman (aka “Cog”) who makes for a more familiar and constant face for the seemingly mindless masses.

This all sounds like the makings of a rather serious, insightful, and thought-provoking art-noir comic book, which it is.

It is also a hillarious and often side-splitting dark comedy, which I highly recommend reading.

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