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Want to see Voltaire in Baltimordor?

I was looking forward to seeing Voltaire and the Skeletal Orchestra at Ascension. I did realize however, that with no other purposes for the trip, when I factored in Hotels, gas, and other expenses – I would have essentially been giving up three days and $450 to see a single show.

It would not have seemed like a bad idea a year ago – it isn’t that I am getting older, or more responsible. It is more that $450 is a much bigger slice of pie now that the world isn’t made out of money.

So, want 2 tickets to see Voltaire and the Skeletal Orchestra on the 24th in Baltimordor?

Tell me ( @mykeamend via Twitter ) in 140 chars or less, how much you <3 Voltaire, and I might give them to you. Ends April 14th so I can send them out in time.

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