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Quick News Break

The new issue of Steampunk Magazine finally available Here. Nope, before you ask, I am not in it – but I am sure there are a lot of great artists and authors gracing its pages nonetheless. You should go and check it out – buy a copy or do the free download thing.

Interesting sites of the week:

Totus Mel’s Wunderkammer

Cephalopod Tea Party

As for me, I am working away as always. Still working on those commissions, I should have the images of the first available as soon as it is done being scanned (about a week or less).

I took a “break” this weekend because of the weather.

Of course “break” for me simply means pulling away from one thing that needs done, for another. I really am uncomfortable if I am not getting something done – making things, tearing things down.

This weekend’s break involved tearing down the old shower and building a new shower in the upstairs bathroom, and tearing out ceilings and walls in the living room and kitchen area… gutting the place.

I stepped on a nail! yay! Festive! Other than that all I have to show for my work there is an epidermis fully fortified with fiber glass insulation and dust. Weee!

I miss doing this for a living, or rather the getting paid for it part – the construction part, not the stepping on nails. I have never held a job that was limited solely to stepping on nails – but if there were such a job, I would be the most sought-after person on the planet, as I am damned good at it. My dream job would of course be fighting Nazis in Egypt, which really does not pay anything – hence my reluctance to put my resume back out there.