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Flying Puppets: The Jules Verne

Carl Rankin makes these planes from everyday materials such as straws, trash bags, tape, thread, and offers on his site rather inexpensive books and Cd guides to creating these doubly-inexpensive works of wonder.

His gossamer-winged “Jules Verne”  can be seen in greater detail at Flying Puppets, and can be seen in action at BoingBoing.

*Story Lead Credit: Thank you Travis Fessler of the brilliant and talented Anachronistic Entertainment Troupe: The Pickled Brothers

The Jules Verne Taking Flight
The Jules Verne Taking Flight

The Jules Verne

* 56″ wingspan
* 14 ounces flying weight, 1.7 oz/ square foot wingloading.
* Made of drinking straws, tape, thread and yellow Reynolds sandwich wrap.
* This plane flew at the 2007 AMA convention.
* Carl Rankin’s picture is in the May 2007 Model Aviation Magazine, pg. 20 (holding the Jules Verne and wearing a Transmitter Tray by Jeff Sandler (