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Adventure Mission Generator V.2.0

The new Adventure Mission Generator is now online and running.

I added this mission generator last year to the Miskatonic Archive in order to make my days a bit more interesting, keep the ideas fresh, or at least somewhat random. It was still in its beta stage back then.

Apologies to those who were damaged or killed in the mechanical breakdowns and malfunctions caused September 8, 2008, I do hope you are feeling better for this glorious day of unveiling.

Adventure Mission Generator
Adventure Mission Generator

New to this mission generator:

1) Lots
2) A static image with text in the image, instead of text upon a background, this makes it compatible with most everything – no more stylesheets in LJ throwing it off, no more codemuching in myspace to throw it off.
3) A different mission per each name per each day of the year. No more having to type different names to get better missions… just come back tomorrow, if you survive.
4) The image generated is permanent, in other words, it is not going to change on your profile the next day. Yes, this means you must come back to get another one, but it saves you from proudly displaying a neat mission, and looking silly when another less flattering one replaces it.
5) It is an excellent merging of various types of server-side and client side code – since I am amazing, I thought it would be fun to make something of my wide assortment of skills and languages.
6) I really do not get to say that often about myself. If there is one thing I am incredibly adept at, it is anything algorithmic – which there was a lot of in this exercise. No randoms – same mission per name per day. Test results posted on your pages remain the same, even if I reprogram everything here. Yay. I am happy with it.

Adventure Mission Generator copyright © 2008, 2009 Myke Amend