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Runaway Project

In a series of worst-case scenarios regarding the cat-hoarding space, a 20 yard dumpster has been filled with couches, bedding, stuff I’d rather not mention, a ceiling, cabinets, 2 layers of carpeting, and other flooring.

The subfloor needs to come up, the roof needs patched in places, and sinks filled with cigarette butts and covered with who knows what had to be pulled.

It seems every time I tear out one thing, lots of new mess is found, and further damage. I am crossing my fingers that the floor joists will be okay when I pull up the decayed subfloor – but I am not holding my breath, at least not as much as I had been… the space has no ceiling, no floor, and will soon have no walls – but it is at least smelling a lot better.

I’ve given this more time and energy than I should have this week, and am getting back to painting tonight – and doing whatever web work for web clients I can, because I will need to finance insulation, drywall, subfloor panels, electrical wire, flooring, sinks, a toilet, light switches, outlet plates – and that is just if I want to get the space back to as it once was – the very basics…

Of course if you know me, then you know I have in my head murphy beds, fold out art tables, custom-built desks and cabinets, recessed lighting, lighting strips, lots of custom storage, new windows, a balcony, and a giant telescoping laser – because a project can never be too ambitious.

That Beth and I managed to do the clean out and demolition on this space in such short time is something to be somewhat proud of – Though I haven’t squashed planet Earth yet, haven’t built my pyramid, nor have I won the Noble Prize, these small accomplishments are what matter most when one has no large ones.

On that note, we are now going to regroup, and I am going to get back to all the net and fine art stuff I have neglected this past week and a half. – Look to see something new from me in this space really soon.