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Rescue Sale Part 2

Where a need to help neglected animals, a need to help family (who rented to the hoarder), and a need to move to someplace more affordable intersect (thank you Bush) – is a spur of the moment shipping of all our things, and driving across many states… and an interesting adventure on the turnpikes of northeastern through middle America – one in which we almost ended up stranded on the New York Turnpike for lack of gas stations, and had to negotiate to the last dollar on a room in order for us, and several animals, to not freeze to death.

It was a lot of work getting here, but the work has only just begun.

There is a lot of work to do – so much that Beth has not yet managed to take down the sale on 16×20 prints and other things at, and I have yet to take down the sale items here.

The space will not be livable for a long time – lots of money, lots of time, 3 of the 20-some cats still need homes (aside from those four we are keeping). 

Imagine being told that you need to go to Silent Hill and clean it… then imagine Silent Hill with smell, not just images. That is pretty much what the place is like, seriously… even if you tried to imagine, you would be unpleasantly surprised if you saw it.

There are feces piled feet thick on every spot of floor, every appliance, every furnishing – 500-some cigarette butts piled on a sink that was used as an ash tray and (until full), a litter box. In the mix are empty bottles and food containers, mattresses and couches soaked with urine and piled upon with crap. There have even been some more cats found over past weeks, living, possibly more to be found as we dig out and remove hiding spaces.

I can’t imagine what sort of excuse for a “man” could have let animals live this way, let alone lived amongst the filfth with them. It is utterly… I am at a loss for words for what to call it.

For now, we are staying outside the apartment, wrapping our mouths in rags and throwing on gloves and goggles whenever we venture in for another round of digging… the closest we can manage to hazmat suits on a shoestring.

We could really use some Grand Rapids Michigan pet adopters, we could also use some money for city trash bags, dumpster rentals, pet carriers, cat food, cat litter, drywall, flooring, new appliances, and possibly even for hiring help… however, we would rather simply seek assistance for the sake of the animals – that assistance coming in the form of purchases, or donations – either one would help greatly.