The Day You Died Metallic Print 11×14



One of my older works, which I only finally got imaged in October of 2010 because of a good number of requests that I do so. It was first shown publicly in September of 2010.

A fairly emotional piece, painted during a time when leaving a life and people behind, in search of myself, seemed like the best way to pull through.

I can’t say any one piece I have done has but one feeling, event, or idea attached to it – a piece tends to gather thoughts and concepts like a snowball on an incline. This piece is no different there: Somewhere in the completion of this piece, the chalk outlines seemed like the perfect finish, inspired by a scene from Eric Adams‘ Lackluster World (Eric is a long time friend of mine from my hometown of Cincy), so I expanded on that thought a little through the completion of the piece.

These are printed on fine art metallic photographic paper in archival pigment inks, and coated in a special UV, moisture, and scratch-resistant coating.