Allie and Infernal Device Giclee


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The graphic here, the one we’re using for The Infernal Device, is actually from a storybook I wrote several years back and am *slowly* completing.

In a way, our current kickstarter for the monumental and huge mechanical art sculpture, is a kickstarter for this book.

We plan to win this competition. We have been granted a place to build, access to forklifts, access to welders – and we’ve gathered lots of parts.

We’ve spotted even more parts, the main ones we need for the build,and we need our kickstarter to succeed so we can buy those parts and ship them to Grand Rapids.

When we win the ArtPrize competition, I will be able to actually sit down for a few months with pencil and watercolors, and *finally* finish this book.

Currently this product is unavailable here- and the *only* way to get these is to donate $25 or more through our kickstarter.