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NYC – Free Downloadable Art, and Holiday Cards

I’ve been invited to be a guest, along with my artwork, on the set of a reality TV show filming in NYC – which may turn out to be a great opportunity for me.

But, as things with artists go, the first opportunity in any opportunity is the opportunity to spend a great deal of time and an insane (for an artist) amount of money on framing and packaging up artworks, and shipping them off to the destination.

Now that that part is done and over with, with 7 days to go, I am focusing on getting fare together, so I can for 22 hours be squeezed into a tiny seat, wedged between other insane people, listening to tutorials on making “shivs” out of toothbrushes, stopping briefly at places where “food” is a $5 bag of chips from a vending machine, and where people with long tangled beards take showers at sinks, and argue with invisible people and toilet fixtures.

You can help me to fulfill this lifetime dream of riding in the lap of luxury on a Greyhound bus, again – exploring the wondrous world of leg cramps and fragrant bus terminals – just throw $1, $3, or whatever you feel this is worth my way.

If I make my goal, I will gift to the world some artworks in downloadable form. They will be pieces of mine which are originally 8×10 inches – that way you can get a full size download – and as good of a print as your home printer or preferred printing service can make. If I make much more than my goal, that gift will get even bigger.

Anyone who donates $25 or more, will get a special greeting card set (10 cards with my airships and tentacles artwork on them, printed on heavy card stock, to send or to keep). Those cards will ship out sometime before or near Thanksgiving.

My goal is $300, but more means foods, bottled water, bus fare, subway fare, cab fare, etc for my stay… If I make less… well, at least I’ll get to the destination. It’d be extra nice to make it back – and regardless, whether I make the full amount, or well-over: This is a chance to get some swag and unique holiday cards.

*** Edit *** I now have my tickets *to* NYC in hand. Tickets *from* NYC to home are another matter, and hopefully that comes together. Cab fare, local bus fare and train fare, meals, are all things I’ll be able to do if I go over $300. … Yes… this is the life of an artist… in many books, on many covers, even on TV shows and news… yet… yeah, a whole lot of, this. Thanks for helping out.

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