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New Store, New Stuff, Bigger and Cheaper

I’ve moved my store over to RedBubble, Here: My RedBubble Store.

It includes *new* things, like an Airships and Tentacles Calendar, tee shirts, hoodies, onesies, iPhone cases – and it includes the old and current: My artwork in printed form… though with a much smaller price tag than before… even better… there is a Black Friday sale going on, and they’ve reduced a *lot* of things 25% or more :)

I’ve done this because for a while now, I’ve had a lot of great and wonderful friends, buyers, supporters, and dare I say it “fans” tell me that they love my work, and wish to buy a print when they can *afford to*, wishing I offered posters to fit the sort of budget that, well, 99% of us have to live within these days.

Seriously: A chance to offer prints the full size of the original work, and even bigger, for less than what my standard prints would cost at half size, appealed *greatly* to me, and I had to go with it. I hope you too will appreciate this move.

I will still continue to offer the more high-end limited edition giclees, and art originals in my own store, and at conventions, but the new setup allows you to order, have 24/7 customer service, and have your product shipped by people who are not so tied up in road trips to visit family, conventions, shows, and just trying to make ends meet… I.E. better customer service than an artist type with out of state family to see can offer during holiday season.

I’ve also wanted to be able to offer more shirt designs, and in more sizes hand just what I have on hand or can afford to run up, and to be able to offer those designs on a variety of shirt colors, and shirt types, even Hoodies, onesies, kids, shirts and the like… without sacrificing quality and offering the crummy sort of iron on or inkjet printed shirts that are the standard for “print on demand”.

Well, the technology finally caught up… or at least so much so that a graphic design whiz like myself can make fully transparent designs, to be printed in the quality inks you’d expect from screen printing, directly onto the garment. You can order shirt designs on shirts or hoodies or onesies, on the color of your choice, and even choose whether the design is printed on the front or the back.

I’ve also designed a full “Airships and Tentacles” Calendar, with all of my steampunk airship paintings; There are IPhone cases too, and stickers.

To see more you can view the slideshow below (slower), or go directly Here (faster): My RedBubble Store.