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Full Frontal Consumption

Excellent work. Never have I been so engrossed in watching bearded people eat.

The filming of this piece was so incredibly good, and so well-synched with the music that you could have put any subject matter in there and it would be fascinating.

“I couldn’t decide if what I created was a music video or a
short film”
, says T. Bias, frontman of the new incarnation of Batcave Brit band Specimen about this latest work, which I believe is the perfect formula for such a striking, viral, and memorable music video.

“If I can get enough interest, I may be able to make more films,
if I can get a hold of more video gear. I have more ideas…”,
he adds.

Well, I would love to see him get more interest, and do more things like these, and especialy if it encourages him to do more with his audio.

You *Can* view this video below, but I highly recommend viewing it in higher resolution HD at 720 dpi wide by clicking here. Doing so will support his efforts, and lend much-deserved incentive to do more these sort of projects.

Kandid Fullfrontal Consumption from T.bias on Vimeo.