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Doodles – Available Again December 25th and 26th

This is usually a Black Friday offer from me, but the Holiday shopping season was short, and online shopping was even shorter – as a result, I chose to stay out of it.

These are, however, available now and tomorrow.

How does it work? Your purchase is for a pen and ink of any creature you want, done in my style, in archival pigment inks, on acid-free heavyweight fine-art paper. Anything from robots to dragonflies… and yes, I now robots aren’t creatures – so I suppose that entire rule is right out.

I guess I’ll do airships and submarines and other things too – the only thing I won’t do is “characters”… not because I look down on such things: simply because such typically involves too much direction and not enough art.

If there is something you would like a drawing of from me – my prices are *way* reduced because I could really use the money – from $75 a drawing down to $45.

December 27th, this offer disappears. Not just the price, but the offer for my time altogether, as I’ll be very busy doing other work once the new year starts.

If you are interested: Follow this link: