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Bad Things Happen When I’ve Got Wood

Note: Friends asked for pictures; This is a recap, and a continuation of the previous post… so you can skip that one… it’s okay.

Not the safest way to go about this I am sure – but I am making my process up as I go.

I think I remember there being plastic guards on these things back in the day. I think, however, that my table saw might be from before "the day", so all is good.

There was only one guide, so I made due with a board I double-clamped to the table. Also, the other guide did not come close enough to the blade, so I put a piece of wood in there to space it where I needed it.

Hey… wait…

… In retrospect, I could have just chosen to cut from the other side.

In case you are wondering – the wood is a hard maple, very heavy, rather hard, and made out of maple… from a maple tree most likely. It is a nice quality wood, has a pretty grain to it like what you would expect to see on a violin or a bitchin’ Les Paul.

These square clampy things come in handy.
… One of the few cases where I am pretty sure I am using a tool as it should be.

This is from a big heavy hardwood bonking mallet, and also from the hood of the car.

Both did not occur simultaneously… in case you were wondering.

I know you were.

Who knew that big wooden bonking mallets could hurt thumbs? Lucky thing I am right handed, or I would have hit my good hand.

It looks ominous… but it is just a box with some antique clamps.

A box top with clamps. The clamps are all biting it… rarwwwrr!

Viola! … erm…

… this is what two days hard work looks like?

I probably could have bought one for just dollars somewhere.


It actually opens! … well, sort of. Soonish I will put some hinges on it.

I took a router to the lid part, around that time I realized it was way late for super-noisy machines. The box will have to wait.

So… what am I making the box for? I really have no idea. It would have been smart to think of something to make a box for, but now I have to go around looking for things to put into the box, or make things to put into the box.

For all the work I put into it, it should look awesome and open the gate to hell… but it doesn’t – and I have no idea where I messed up along the way.

Next stages – more routing, staining, hinges, brass corners, handles…. some sort of nifty mechanical devices for the inside perhaps…