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Animal Rescue Sale

During Beth’s family visit in Michigan, she found that there was a pet-related emergency in need of attention. We went back there a few weeks later and brought two cats home with us, bringing us up to the legal limit of four cats.

The trip, and the vet visits, pet meds, tapped our resources to the last dollar.

This week, Beth needs to go back again, and take care of the remaining cats, of which there are many.

It is hard to address this situation fully. This post should not be about the caretaker, it is about animals in need, and about finding a solution.

If you live near Grand Rapids Michigan, and would like to adopt one of these cats, that would be best. You can write me to make arrangements; They will need to be fixed, dewormed, checked for common feline ailments, and given a lot of love, attention. Most of all, they would appreciate some good human companionship and they have a lot of love to give.

Otherwise, we are currently trying to raise money to get her back to Michigan, and have put together a sale. My part of the sale can be found in the sale items part of my site, there is also a new book from Bethalynne Bajema on presale at her site.

… not to say that other purchases will not go towards this purpose – just that these were items I could afford to reduce in price in order to add incentive.

The proceeds will go into getting her there, covering her stay, and regretably, towards getting these remaining animals into a shelter, if homes cannot be found for them during her stay. If donations to the shelters will ensure better chances for these animals, then we are also trying to get that together. Other parts of these proceeds will of course go into supplying and shipping whatever goods are offered. Any excess, if there is to be excess will of course go into replenishing our funds and making up for the lost work hours and resources – though that would be an incredibly optimistic expectation. If we reach that point I will post so, though the sale prices might remain until supplies are gone.