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I am home, and finally able to sit down and listen to my copy of Ego-Likeness‘ “West”.

West is a limited edition CD, the second of their Compass set, signed and numbered, and absolutely well-beyond-worth the $10 spent.

Though most of the tracks on this CD are remixes from other CDs, or entirely unique alternate versions by the band, “Sirens and Satellites” is completely new, and well-worth the purchase in its own. It is a moving and energetic masterpiece with perfect dynamic separation, making for a moving and energizing torrent of perfectly placed highs and lows washing over and incredibly contagious and rhythmic musical dreamscape.

“I Live on What’s Left” is a haunting anthem, pensive, gloomy, beautiful, relaxing and atmospheric – reminiscent of Liz Frazier or perhaps Jane Sisberry in style and feel – moving and downbeat, the perfect prelude to the tracks to come:

The Hypofixx Remix of “Burn Witch Burn” is a pulse-pounding and melodic dance track, and addictive beyond description. I do hope to see it once again top request lists at US clubs this year, and maybe ten years later in Ohio.

“The Egg of the Mother”, originally Recorded in 2002, is as promised drastically different from the original version (“Save your Serpent”), and utterly fantastic. I could not say which of the two I love more, but I can say that hearing this version made me more than pleased to have the EP. “The Egg of the Mother” is a hypnotic, dreamy, building musical wave, its ebb and flow leading perfectly into “Severine”, a wonderfully depressive and powerful remix by Hopeful Machines – a side project of Ego Likeness’ brilliant and artistic composer and co-author, Steven Archer.

Signed and Numbered, at only $10+$2 S&H, with only 300 available – I would certainly recommend putting the purchase of this CD at the top of your list for this week, if not this very minute.

Watch the video for Sirens and Satellites (performed at DragonCon 2008):
(Or see it at full size and format here)

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  1. Want to know how small the world is? The man who took that album cover photo is the man who sent me my current camera.

    1. Lovely. A testament to how wonderfully interconnected we have all become ^_^

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