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Valley of Flowers

4 thoughts on “Valley of Flowers

  1. Whoa, not work safe

  2. You know, I never really think of this – Well, because it actually does not make much sense to me…

    I don’t think that, in America at least, anyone of legal working age has not at some point in their lives already seen breasts.

    If not, they should be well-aware enough of their existence that they not be too terribly shocked or confused when they see them.

    Actually, when it comes to breasts in particular, I sort of think anyone over the age of… oh, about *two hours* old who has not seen them, is a bit odd, or at least unfortunate.

    To add to the weirdness behind the term “Work Safe”… how is any of the internet, outside of those things directly work-related can be deemed “work safe”.

    I don’t know about you, but I think I would be as likely – actually *more* likely to can someone for online chats or video games than I would be for accidentally/on purpose seeing breasts, or hearing a swear word for that matter…

    Anyway… I rarely think of these things, well, I suppose because art types have a hard time getting their minds around common/standard correlations between nudity and perversion.

    Sorry about that – these sorts of scenes really do not set off any alarms for me most times.

  3. Oh, no worries. I was just checking out the trailer and trying to see if the old guy in the freeze frame was really Sean Connery, and then *bam*! Boobers.

    I suspect my IT Dept’s Nudity Detectors don’t have this one on their radar yet. But for a split second, I feared they were about to batter down my door.

    Ha, childish.

    1. My last desk job, I spent at least five hours of every week putting boobs onto the internet, checking them for picture quality, color, etc. – one of our clients was a plastic surgery hospital, with regular portfolio updates.

      I can’t say the “before” and “after” photos were all that pleasant; This, certainly for the liposuction group – but the worst ones were the breast ones – those where the client went from a perfect champagne glass build to cantaloupe smuggling.

      Such, is worse than watching someone putting peanut butter on a perfect steak.

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