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Sale continuing.

Beth and I, through work for clients, and a few sales here, managed to get together the money needed to get her out to Michigan – where she is taking care of a large number of animals which were hoarded and terribly in need of, well, everything.

Several weeks in, all but 7 of the cats are gone, and she is starting to see some headway on the rest of the project as well, but, I still need to do what I can to raise funds to get her back here.

On Sale, are a number of prints and even originals, drastically reduced for this purpose. There you will the remaining limited edition giclees and metallics for “the Rescue” (painted for Robert of Abney Park), as well as a number of other limited editions, and variations on “Conception” (featured just recently at Brass Goggles).

the Rescue

Also, I would like to direct you to my comic preview, now up. Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake ( is an Art Noir comic book set between a fictitious Lovecraftian Town, Cincinnati Ohio, New Jersey, and Hell.

Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake

If you have ever been offended by anything, I would highly recommend never going to that site. However, if you have a terrible sense of humor, like me, you might find it worth checking out.

Some may call it gothic, or steampunk, or punk rock, or horror punk, or deathrock, or any number of things such as “terrible”, “hideous”, “uncalled for” or “just plain weird”, but mainly it is a dark horror comedy with a lot of characters from subcultural groups, set in a story which revolves around all sorts of pulp horror stories and cult classic movies.

Therein you will a lot of death and destruction bound together by bad ideas and general silliness,  but the overall primary purpose of the project is simply to make everyone in the world rather mad or otherwise imbalanced, through a sort of harmful sensation. If you have read the “King In Yellow”, the actual stage play, not the stories about it, you probably have no idea what I am talking about.