Red Right Hand limited edition giclee


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The art is the first panel, special-made for the inside of a special box/portable frame assemblage art piece I am making.

It was requested that I make prints of this piece – so, I am making 20 of each on fine art rag paper, signed, numbered, and dated tiny in the margin.

They are printed on a fine cotton rag paper, in archival pigment inks for an archival rating of 200+ years.

The print is 8.5×11 inches including the 1 inch border. Printed area is 6.5 inches by 9.

The Assemblage this comes from is a sort of dark carnival and Miskatonic feeling piece, made to feel much like all the occult ephemera of the late 1800s/early 1900s, a time when mysticism was for city-dwellers was becoming quite the fashion – though I often pull from real references when making these sorts of pieces, I do not imply that they have any actual magickal properties or serious reference value. They are more “camp” for fans of the ooky-spooky.

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