Red Hand Assemblage


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This artwork is three in one.

The box/dual frame: I labored hard for well-over a week on the box, which is a very sturdy hand-built, hand-stained, hand-varnished, hand-waxed chunk of quality hardwood (heartwood select pine base and birch sides). It not only serves as a box (if you would want to use it as such a thing), but as a self-contained double frame for both of the enclosed artworks (“Red Right Hand” and “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here”) which requires no wall hanging.

The box has two decorative hinges with a decorative patina on the spine edge if it; The latching mechanism is self-made from another smaller version of these hinges, combined with three solid brass model cannons from a model ship. The latch holds the piece securely shut, but opens easily when you want it to with a slight squeeze of the box and an easy flip of the thumb.

There is a *lot* more to say about this piece, and a LOT more images of this work to see.

Closeups and more about the piece here: Red Hand Assemblage Images and Details

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