First Flight Metallic 5×5 Print


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An alternate version of the promotional piece done for Dexter Palmer’s “The Dream of Perpetual Motion”, published by Macmillan.

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This is the scene as I first imagined it in my head: not the more-accurate representation out of the two images, but my favorite.

In the novel, the main character is rather un-phased by his flight; This however is a more dramatic piece, as I would imagine the reactions of the other children taken. I also used the demon of the scarier first-draft visage I imagined (in the book, the demons aren’t meant to be so frightening).

These are open edition prints, printed in high quality 200-year archival pigment inks upon fine heavyweight metallic professional paper for a beautiful and lustrous representation of this piece. The prints are also coated with a UV resistant, moisture resistant, scratch and fingerprint resistant protective luster coating.

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Weight 2 oz