About Our Printing

Our Prints

Myke is very particular about printing and printing quality, and spends much of his free time researching new print methods, inks, support types, standards in delivering the best possible prints for each individual piece, making every effort to produce the highest-quality reproductions for your collection.

Limited-edition runs maintain the same paper or canvas type, and the same ink type for the duration of the series. In many cases the entire run is printed at one time, but due to storage limitations they are often printed as they are ordered, with strict attention paid to maintaining the integrity and consistency of the edition.

Many of our older open edition prints and posters were done before the widespread availability of museum quality paper and their prices reflect that. For the last decade we have only used acid-free paper, even on unsigned prints.

Print Numbering

In the purest forms of artistic printing, ink is applied but a cut or etched surface directly onto the paper, with numerous expensive and time-consuming attempts at getting that perfect print for the run. The artist then signs and numbers all of the prints in order. Because the printing plates, stones, woodblocks, or other surfaces wear from one print to the next, the very first prints are the best/truest to the original, and the quality degrades all the way to the last print.

Anymore, the majority of limited edition prints are run on industrial offset presses or on giclée printers, ensuring that the first print is as good as the last.

To mark the size of a limited edition and its authenticity, Myke hand-signs, hand-numbers, and hand-dates every limited-edition print. Certificates of authenticity are added for the larger prints on canvas, each corresponding to the print itself. For giclée on canvas, he paints these numbers and dates and hand-signs each giclée in paint.

Giclée (pronounced zhee-CLAY) Prints

Giclées are quickly becoming the standard for fine art reproductions. Myke’s paintings and other artworks are scanned and printed at an unusually-high resolution 900DPI (3-times the resolution the human eye sees in), and printed on the best and most high-end digital offset printers available.

Giclées are more expensive per-piece to produce than lithography, but they are a more faithful representation of the original artwork. The colors are brilliant and perfectly-matched, the detail is incredible, and the longevity of the inks and chosen surfaces lend an incredibly high archival rating of 80 to 200 years, depending on the surface and treatment.

We use the best acid-free canvases and papers available, and the archival quality of the pigment ink is well-preserved by our UV-protective processes and coatings.

Metallic Prints

Myke began using metallic papers for his art prints back in the day when they were most typically marketed primarily for black and white photography. He found that the surface, which mimics the metallic surface and apparent depth of an old tin-type photo, lends a beautiful amount of depth and ultra-vivid and brilliant color to printed artworks, to some works more than others. At convention, showings, and other selling events – these metallic prints sold exceptionally-well, outselling all other print types for their awe-inspiring effect.

Not all works are meant for this paper type, and some buyers might rather have reproductions that look perfectly like the original paintings – but each new release that suits this paper type is released in a limited edition run of metallics, and has an accompanying run of smaller-printed open-editions sold at conventions (and sometimes this site).

Not all metallic papers are the same, so Myke uses only the Kodak Endura metallic papers – a heavyweight, deep paper surface with the perfect level of sheen. Each reproduction is printed in Epson Ultrachrome Pigment inks for high archival quality, and protected with a clear, UV-protective, scratch-resistant, and moisture-resistant coating for added durability and longevity.


Every print sold through this store is eligible for signing. Some come signed by default, but any can be signed and even custom-signed upon request.