Divide (floating islands) 9×12 Metallic



9 by 12 inches on heavy archival professional metallic photo stock with a uv/scratc/moisture resistant coating.

I did a number of these engravings as a set, partially as a practice run at intaglio.

They were done on Ampersand Art clayboard: an archival tempered hardboard surface coated in white clay and india ink.

Though they were all done within the span of a couple of months, this is one of the very earliest of them all – This was, I think, my 5th such go at engraving.

I was stranded in an ice storm in deepest, darkest Missouri at the time – power was out almost statewide, weeks I in our region. I was reading whatever books were handy, and thinking of someone who was on the other side of 20 miles of fallen trees, darkness, and panicked people. These particular scene out of C.S. Lewis’ Perelandra” struck an accord with me.

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Weight 3 oz