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This is a digital piece I have been using to pass the time waiting for my scanner to arrive (hopefully Tuesday).

Click the thumbnail, or click here, if you would like to see the full image.

I had several variants on this, but I opted for the washed-out less colorful one; with the rich vibrant colors it looked too much a video-game casing – which is not a bad thing, but I wanted this piece to look better as an art print, and less like a poster.

Of my favorite character architypes, most of which are the reluctant anti-hero, but I have always loved the gunslinging preachers of anime and spaghetti westerns. I chose to give this one more of a steampunk, cyberpunk, and horror spin of course – because that is primarily ‘my thing’. 

This started as a cover for someone else’s trade paperback, the project fell by the wayside, regretfully after I had put much work into it – one reason I will hardly ever do pro-bono work or work for credit/exposure, is not so much my desire to get paid, as it is that paying for things tends to make people actually commit to getting use out of them.

I cannot tell you how many times over these past centuries I have found myself doing work I loved, only to see it die an unknown death with bands, authors, and other entities who for good reasons and bad, just could not get their act together :/

I am going to make 50 of this one available on Hahnemule fine art rag paper, and 95 on metallic paper, both of which at 16×20 inches.

Please check my store here and there this week if you are interested in having one.