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New Gallery and eCards

Smile Trio
Smile Trio

After three long days of reprogramming and reconfiguring, I finally have my gallery and greeting cards section up and running here.

There are a good number of images up now, and I will try to add more over the coming months. If you wish to send any image as an eCard, simply click the “Send as eCard” text below any image.

I am going to try to continue to think of and add interesting new freebies through this site on a more regular basis.

Next will be gathering all my current and previously offered desktop wallpapers so that you will be able to find my collection of desktop wallpapers more easily than sifting through old posts for them.

Also, for those who just wish to browse, clicking on any image will bring up a preview of that image or gallery – you can also find prints (and even originals) of many of these works in my store

2 thoughts on “New Gallery and eCards

  1. Squee! What fun, and how wonderful that you’re putting these collections together for all to play with. Can’t wait for the wallpaper section… *rubs hands together*

  2. Thanks Choklit – I am trying to get a lot more free content up here, as well as getting in the spirit of steampunk and providing some free things for people to DIY with… such as downloadable printable scrapbooking images – and actually making some DIY tutorials on the more hands – on stuff. I do actually make a lot of true steampunk things, but they never go up for sale and I rarely even show them online – I need to change that.

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