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Just because…

I haven’t shared anything Abney Park here in a while, and because I was recently reminded of this video’s existence:

Also – Since I am working away on commissions still, I thought I might point you to some new things Beth has added to the EttaDiem store:

“I makes the dark cutes that you can choke on these days.”

Under the umbrella of the Etta Diem brand are the Kewpie Noir, a collection of geisha like paper dolls meant for dark cuteness and frivolous use. There are currently thirty-eight different versions of the Kewpie Noir completed in this collection, each with their own personalities and backgrounds.

This particular set is collection of 4 x 6 inch prints of the first four Kewpie Noir. The print collection comes wrapped in our decorative packaging (samples can be seen by following the flickr links in our profile) and are ready to be given as a gift or kept for yourself. As an addition to the collection, a bonus package of related scrapbooking items will be tagging along. What they are is different from collection package to collection package and a secret until opening. And within one of them is Etta Diem’s own version of a *golden ticket. The lucky individual who draws one of the golden tickets wins a free 8 x 10 print of their choice from our store.

The Kewpie Noir are quite cute and dark and are really, really longing for a home! This is a wonderful and somewhat frivolous bit of novelty merchandise to lighten the mood of the bit of dampening the world seems to be splish splashing through as of late. To see more of the Kewpie Noir, take a moment to stop by Etta Diem’s blog and get acquainted:

*Each “Golden Ticket” comes with a unique serial number to ensure we all keep it honest with the free things ;)