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Just a bit of Nostalgia

So, I am working away at several paintings at once currently.

In the damp and cold of Michigan, oil paints dry really slowly, especially when one’s work space is in the basement. Michigan, for those who did not already know this, does not have a sun.

There is a glowing ball that pops up here and there for minutes out of each day, but it really gives off no heat at all. My suspicions are that the heavenly bodies surrounding Michigan are primarily fluorescent or LED powered, so as not to harm the delicate ice-age flora, fauna, and population of the chilly North.

So, I am painting in thin layers, moving the painting to the garage to dry after each stage, and rotating back and forth between the others during these drying stages.

Waiting. Waiting for paints to dry, and waiting for some gateway between Michigan and Earth to open up again, the below song came to mind. Fortunately, someone was kind enough to write, record, and even video tape it in a good amount of time before I chose to make this post – else I might have been a bit embarrassed to have typed all this way in with nothing more than a concept to allude to…