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James B. Hunt

His art showings are madness. ‘One of the greatest things happening in the art world today.

Rather than being a part of the standard gallery process of a*s-rap*ng prospective buyers and artists alike – James prefers to give his works away in these crazed easter-egg hunts. He hides his works all over Tempe Arizona, and posts photos on his site as clues to the whereabouts of his artworks… which are free to whoever is resourceful and lucky enough to find them.

… Oh, and he also randomly broadcasts additional hints on CB radio.

This has been going on for a while, several years now I think… and it frustrates me to no end that I am never in Tempe Arizona when these happen; It seems the only way to acquire his works… well, the only way that involves no stalking or abductions.

If you are looking for additional clues – it is rumored that he also tattoos maps on the vital organs of abducted livestock, and if you have learned to read the code, additional clues are also available through the writings of Nostradamus or in centuries-old boxes of candied popcorn.

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Some of James’ works:



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