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H.M.S. … Commission

Offer Valid through February 20th, as it is only being made to get me home and airfare is rising by the minute.

3 2 commissions are being offered, each for a 24×24 painting in acrylic or in oil of an airship to complete my dirigibles series. Price: $150

The painting will be yours. Shipping within the US is $25, shipping outside the US is $75 ($65 shipping plus $10 for additional crating)

You can make specifications, within reason, such as “lots of cannons”, or the general color scheme of the painting, type of scene (above a forest, over an icy field, in the desert, etc..).

… And Sorry, before you ask, I cannot do Abney Park’s Airship for you.

I keep the rights to art prints, reproduction in art books, and other commercial use. If you need it for some music-related commercial use, such as a CD cover, that will be no problem as I am more in the business of quality archival prints.

Paintings will be done in the order received.

Turnaround time is not quick, as I am very picky about what I let go. Acrylics ship faster (no drying time) – minimum time per painting will be two weeks – and I will keep you updated.

[edit] These commissions have been placed as items within the store.

Sorry I forgot to mention that before.

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  1. is the commission still available?

    1. Yes. I am sorry, I forgot to put a link to them within the post. They can be found as items within the store. They are the second item down.

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