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High Gravity Giveaway

Why “High Gravity”?

Well, My mind is currently enhanced by a (arguably) healthy dose of high gravity beer, I’ve been packaging prints and art all night for Steamcon, and I came to the realization when looking through boxes of prints, that I have *way* too much backstock – the result of guessing what I have in stock when I make large orders to stock up for conventions.

What are the rules? Well… I thought to do a random draw, or a “twitter about this and be entered” sort of thing, but instead: this is a 100% you win something sort of giveaway.

Order something, anything, and I will look at your order: whether it is spooky, or steampunky, or fantasy and find things that will fit into your package and drown you in some freebies.

I know, I know – this is not very fiscally responsible of me. I should just save that overstock, write down a list of what I have, and *not* order more of those things before the next convention… count them as “money in the bank” or something.

But I am not in the mood to do that right now. Take advantage of my mood enhancement, and make a purchase. Order something 8×10, and I’ll throw in some 8×10 *and* smaller prints. Order something 11×14 and I’ll throw in something that will package well an 11×14… you see where I am going?  I don’t – but that is not your problem.

Rather than having you type some sort of keywords or phrases in to your order in *wink* wink* *nudge* *nudge* (you know what I am saying?) fashion – I am extending this offer to anyone who places an order between now, and when I pull down this announcement (or November 19th – whichever is the latest… just in case I choose not to pull this entry from the internets).

Excited? YOU SHOULD BE!!!  Because I am just itching to slather you in lusty gratitude, but will settle for making your order much bigger-er.

So, there you have it. Place an order, get more than you bargained for. And though I might not be saying this when I am un-enhanced: Thank you!!!

2 thoughts on “High Gravity Giveaway

  1. Hello,

    I saw the notice on twitter and came to your site. This is my first time here, but I wanted to say your art work is beautiful. I just took a looksee in the gallery and I was amazed. Going to paroose your site a little more now, just wanted to write a quick comment:)


  2. Off to spread the word before you come to your senses or run out of overstock ;-)

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